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Toasted Sesame Sauce with Broccoli

Today we are going to make a light, tasty but above all delicious recipe! Broccoli with Toasted Sesame Seed Sauce is a versatile dish, suitable for all occasions. I chose Broccoli (my favorite vegetable) but you can use what you like best. A fresh recipe, ideal for flavoring our summer salads.

Eating healthy is important.

I am one of those people who embrace the philosophy “we are what we eat”  and for this reason, on our table, can never miss bowls and plates full of vegetables.

But what I often go through is monotony. Always the usual salad, boiled vegetables, the usual oil, and salt … the repetition of flavors is one of the reasons why I often go looking for dishes with concentrated flavors, instead of preferring something lighter and healthier.

But since I’ve been to Japan, I’ve rediscovered the power of seasonings. Have you ever tried to search for them in any supermarket? You will find shelves full of colorful bottles with thousand of flavors. Onion, pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, ginger, apple, sesame seeds, daikon … the choice is huge!

They are not just spicy oils, but soft creams with a sweet-and-sour taste that, if you want to be careful about your line (but not too much, I recommend it) should be used carefully. They are rich in sugars and hydrogenated fats (not really the best health), but what’s wrong with using a few drops on three or four salad leaves? Absolutely nothing!

But what if I told you that making them at home is really simple?

From the supermarket to the kitchen

Curiosity brought me to replicate one in my kitchen (the one I like the best) and try to accompany it with one of my favorite vegetables, Broccoli and here is the recipe for Toasted Sesame Seed Sauce!

For me, sesame was one of the most beautiful and satisfying gastronomic discoveries here in Japan. It is ideal with everything, from meat, fish to vegetables and has this ability to give that extra delicious flavor to any dish (if you haven’t noticed, find the sesame listed in almost all of my recipes).

Toasted Sesame Sauce with Broccoli

Today’s recipe includes toasted sesame seeds. You can do it in a pan or, if you love like me the Japanese kitchen accessories, you can use the Horoku!

It is a small pan, now generally made of steel, closed with a grid on the surface.

You just have to enter the Sesame inside, place it on the fire, shake it from time to time and in a few minutes, you will obtain delicious roasted seeds.


How to Make


How to make and how to enjoy!

Here you can find the main steps, which not need to be followed in this order! You can actually prepare your sauce when you have time and keep it in the fridge (I advise you not to keep it for more than a week as the sesame easily loses its flavor).

* Roasting

Sesame e Broccoli

Broccoli and Sesame ready to be cooked

This step is very important as it will determine the final taste of your sauce.

Put your sesame seeds in a pan and toast them over low heat, moving them from time to time. As soon as you hear the first pops (similar to the one of popcorn), wait 1 minute and turn off the heat.

If you roast them too long they tend to burn easily and the result will be a very bitter sauce.  So, is better to toast less, than toast too much.

Once removed from the flame, let them cool.

Once Chilled, place the seeds in a mortar and crush them until, releasing the oil inside them, they begin to stick until they almost form a dough.

Add the sugar, stir, and finally the soy sauce.

If tasting it is too sweet, you can add a little salt.

Sauce ✓ Ready

* Broccoli


Washed Broccoli  – Toasted Sesame Sauce with Broccoli

Divide the head of the Broccoli and wash the individual pieces.

(Don’t throw away the big and small branches as they can be reused! No Food Waste!)

Heat a tablespoon of oil in a pan and add a clove of garlic. Let it warm up, and put your broccoli. Let them cook over medium heat for a few minutes moving them from time to time until the surface starts to become slightly brown.

Pour your half cup of water, add the lid and let it cook again until it becomes soft.

Once ready, add the sauce and they are done ✓!

You will get a dish rich in flavor, ideal as a vegetable of the day for the whole family!


Did you keep the broccoli branches aside? If yes, great choice! They can be reused in different ways. Have you ever thought of using them in a good risotto or simply to flavor rice in your Rice Cocker? Well, is an idea that works and we like it a lot!

Once the stem has been washed and dried, chop it to form pieces that are as similar as possible (to facilitate uniform cooking).

How to use Broccoli Branches

No Food Waste!

After washing the rice and adding water, throw your pieces of broccoli inside and start cooking normally.

Result? Not only will you get a bowl of fragrant and tasty rice, but also a NO FOOD WASTE dish!

Buon Appetito!

い た だ き ま す!

Ele & Yo


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