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Ciao! こんにちわ!

Hello! Nice to meet you!

We are Ele&Yo, an Italian-Japanese couple with many dreams and goals to achieve.

One of these? Discover the various shades of Japan and share them with you!

We are both insatiable food lovers. We love spending our free time in the kitchen or looking for some traditional Japanese cooking accessories (yes, we are definitely gastronomic nerds!)

But at the same time we are also travel lovers. We like to look at the map of Japan and plan future journeys with the aim of building memorable experiences.

Hope that through our blog you will be able to experience Japanese culture through our recipe, our travel and our stories!

Why “DaidokoroLabo”?

“Daidokoro” in Japanese means “Kitchen”.

We strongly believe that Food is one of the best ways you can experience a new country.

Food is tradition, culture, is sharing, is knowledge, is art … I can go on over and over.

Through a bite of a dish, you can discover how locals live, how they enjoy their meals, how different is the perception of flavors between people, but first of all, the amazing biodiversity of products we can find on our way!

Through some recipes, some walks around the food market and some restaurants, we want to share with you what this beautiful country can offer us!


Here is our email contact! Please fell free to write us any time!

We will reply you as soon as possible!


Grazie! ありがとう!