Ciao! こんにちわ


DaidokoroLabo is my little corner where I love to share moments in the kitchen and everyday life.



My name is Eleonora, but you can call me Elen (as my dad always does). I’m italian and I live in Japan. I moved to this country in 2018 for what was supposed to be a 6 months experience (that’s what I told my family), but it has continued until today, and the reason is very simple: love. I came to live on the other side of the world to follow the one who is now become my husband: Yo.

After living for a while in Tokyo, we decided to move out of the city in Kanagawa Prefecture, between the Pacific Ocean and the mountains of Hakone.

We are a family of two —> soon to be three, and we can not wait to hug our baby! No pets for now, but they are on our list for the future! Stay tuned for that! 🙂


Why “DaidokoroLabo”?


“Daidokoro” – 台所 in Japanese means “Kitchen”. “Labo” is the abbreviation of “Laboratoy”.

We strongly believe that Food is one of the best ways you can experience a new country. Food is tradition, culture, is sharing, is knowledge, is art … I can go on over and over.

With my husban we are both insatiable food lovers. We love to spend our free time in the kitchen or looking for some traditional Japanese cooking accessories (yes, we are definitely gastronomic nerds!).



DaidokoroLabo is the space I want to share flavorful and healthy recipes that I love to make and eat in my every day life, with the influence of the culture I am immerse in.

Ever since I started this small personal space, I’ve had the opportunity to get in touch with fantastic people who love cooking and Japan just like me.

I hope you will find some inspiration among these pages.





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